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One Touch Ultra Blue 25 Test Strips

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One Touch Ultra Blue 50ct Blood Glucose Test Strips

OneTouch Ultra Blue Diabetic Test Strips provide fast and less painful testing of glucose levels. Designed for use with the OneTouch UltraSoft Automatic Blood Sampler and OneTouch UltraSoft Lancets, this blood test strip is ideal for diabetic patients who need to monitor their body glucose level at home. If you have diabetes, you already know that with the right tools and health plan, you can still enjoy life's sweets. OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips help you test your blood glucose simply and accurately for your optimum health goals. The sampler automatically draws blood into the strip, and provides results within five seconds.

Expiration Dates

We offer multiple expiration dates for your convenience.  Please choose your box by clicking on the expiration date of your choice.

OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips:

  • Results in just five seconds
  • Requires just a speck of blood
  • Automatically draws blood into the test strip
  • Makes it easy to see when there's enough blood for an accurate reading
  • Use with the OneTouch UltraSoft Automatic Blood Sampler
  • Eliminates falsely elevated results from other sugars
  • Checks each blood sample twice in one reading
  • Boxes maybe retail or mail order


Warning Text: Do not use if glued seals are broken.