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Buying Damaged Boxes From AffordableOTC, should you?

We understand there are questions about purchasing our damaged boxes. You can save a lot of money buy buying them but what about your questions.  Below are a few recent damaged boxes that we have for sale.  As you can see the only real damage is to the box itself.

Are the boxes Factory Sealed?

  • Yes!  Sometimes there might be a cut in the box but the contents have never left the box.

Are the contents of the box damaged?

  • No

Why are they damaged?

  • Sometimes the boxes are damaged by us in our warehouse or by our suppliers.  These boxes can not be sold as perfect condition so we offer them for sale in our Clearance Section.  

How much can I expect to save off the undamaged boxes?

  • It varies but you can expect to save a significant amount of money off are already cheap prices.

What brands do you carry that have damaged boxes?

Do you have damaged lancet boxes?