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Advocate Glucose Test Strips 100

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The Advocate ready-code plus glucose test strips allow you to easily and accurately test your blood glucose level. Redi-code test strips require small blood samples (0.7 microliters) and use capillary action to "pull" blood onto the test strip for blood easy application. Visual confirmation allows you to instantly know if you have applied the correct amount of blood to the test strip. (less wasted strips) Includes 100 Redi-code test strips.

Advocate Redi-Code Plus Glucose Test Strip Features:

  • Small required blood samples (0.7 microliters) for simple blood application.
  • No need to code your meter.
  • Reduce pain by testing on alternate sites including: palm, forearm, upper body, calf, thigh, or fingertip.
  • Advocate Redi-Code Plus test strips are touchable so test results won't be affected if you accidentally touch a test strip (less wasted strips)
  • Accurate Test results in 7 seconds.
  • Easy to use and accurate - Designed for people of all ages.


  • 100 touchable Advocate Redi-Code Plus test strips in an easy to open flip top bottle with a built-in desiccant to keep your test strips fresh.
  • User Manual


  • The Advocate Redi-Code Plus Test Strips are only compatible with the Advocate Redi-Code Plus Glucose Meter only.
  • Manufactured by Diabetic Supply of Suncoast Inc. Review Medals