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Accu-Chek Guide Test Strips, 100ct - Short Dated - 1 - 2 Months

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Accu-Chek Guide test strips provide an easy way to test your glucose levels. With a fumble-free SmartPack vial and a design that lets you place a small drop of blood anywhere along the end of the strip, it's a surprisingly simple way to manage your diabetes.

Expiration Dates

We provide multiple expiration dates for your choice.  Please choose the expiration date from the above choices.

  • 5+ Months - Minimum expiration date of 5 months from date of purchase
  • Dinged/Damaged - The outside box is dinged or damaged.  No damage to the vial of test strips
  • 3-4 - Boxes expire 3 to 4 months from the order date
  • 1-2 - Boxes expire 1 to 2 months from the order date
  • Current Month - Expires this month

Accu-Chek Guide Test Strips Features:

  • Simple to take just one stripe from the spill-resistant SmartPack vial. It lets you take one Guide strip and you won't spill any others.
  • Simple to use: place a small drop of blood anywhere along the end of the test strip, instead of on a tiny spot like other strips
  • It's more accurate and delivers advanced 10/10 accuracy for reliable results you can trust.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.


  • Includes 100 Accu-Chek Guide Test Strips
  • 1 box of 100 or a combination of 50 and 25 count boxes


  • *Fingertip, palm, or upper arm testing
  • *Check with your healthcare professional before testing with blood from sites other than your fingertip. 

Disclaimer: The Accu-Chek Guide Test Strips are compatible with the Accu-Chek Guide Meter only. Review Medals